Would you like a hotdog?

We all know traditional food of England is Fish and Chips , but does someone know traditional food of Germany?!
 No idea ha ! Accept beer festival I know they do love beer hah !;)
And as I seen on internet they do love sausages too !
So few days ago me and my boyfriend went to town to try ice cream(gonna blog it soon), but unfortunately  the shop was closed so that made me very upset ha :(
We walked around in Embankment and we stop in hotdog place,and guess what it was a traditional German sausages! The place name :Herman ze german.
They where sooo delicious and this fries,oh ,not a fan of curry sauce,but it was delicious. You can choose your own toppings which it makes your hotdog more awesome !
We had with loads of  melted cheese (love cheese a lot), jalapenos,crispy onion,spicy mayonnaise.
Definitely best hotdogs that I tried in London .
So when you in London or around in Embankment definitely pop there in and enjoy it !


36 Moments with @lalalab

Hello,hello after so long .
Sorry I been gone,and left my blog empty without any new posts.
Just been going through a lot,been working a lot then got some holidays so I didn't really had a time to sit and write .
So I will try now to post everything what I been doing while I wasn't here,so visit my blog often and enjoy your reading guys ! :) x

Friyay for everyone is fun-day going out partying or just relaxing at home,for me unfortunately is a long working day ! But not today! Hmm after so long I have Friday off (happy), didn't do much to be honest
clean up home,relaxing what I needed much ,cooking,eating (best thing to do hah ) ,and decorating.
Decorating what?!?!
Just few days ago find such a perfect app on my phone.
It calls #lalalab !
Lalab app has too much to offer you ,from prints to photo books,magnets,posters cases and etc.
So I did order a lalabox in this package it comes 36 to 48 vintage prints,awesome assortment of your memories.
Such a high quality, quick delivery, and a price is just perfect and worth it 100%.
Definitely use them app and offers again and again and highly recommend to everyone.
Go and order something for you ,or someone you love or why not to send some greeting card for your friend?:)
Don't forget to use my code when you checkout :

Brunch !

Hello Everyone!
I'm back to blog, with my cozy yummy Sunday brunch post .
Isn't it sounds good your early morning breakfast in freezing London,some warm coffee,with some tasty panini with ham and cheese and of course delicious Croissant with chocolate?!
 I found a perfect place for it !
Such a cozy and relaxing place in parkway Camden Town,it's kind of cafeteria with bright space where you can study,read your favourite book or meet your old friend for a calm chats !
It calls "Falla and Mocaer" (Find them on instagram)
 Recommend for friendly service, delicious,healthy and quite breakfast!

The address is down of this post !