* MUST HAVE / Wool Felting for the cold winter .

Hey all of you !
Long time I didn't write anything, so now
I'm gonna write a long one instead :) 
Few years ago when I was in my country for holiday 
in a airport 
next to me sited a women and somehow we started to speak 
about nails (women subject) ha :) At that moment she was doing nails
such a hard worker such a beautiful designs that moment 
my nails was awesome,I guess at that time all my friends was jelouse of the beauty that 
I have on my nails ! 

Later on she asked me to do a photoshoot, I was like with the nails or what?
I didnt know that she have her PASSION that she loves ! Passion on something else, something unique. 

Handmade Luxury clothes ,scarves,wraps, handbags,brooches,
 gloves and etc. Made by Nadin Smo Design

 Elegant modern warm and made from super fine merino wool and natural fabrics such as silk 
chiffon and cooton ! 
Using the ancient technique of wet felting with ONLY boiling water and olive oil soap. 
Large and unique scarves made as cape or poncho for covering your body.
Wanna look different and stylish,wanna be warm for this year cold winter? There you go.

Ladys,girls and womens this  handmade unique scarfs an clothes can be yours , you dont need any brand shops, with oveprices . Wanna have something that no one else has? Wanna feel irrestistible fab and damn confident?  

She more then a expensive brand ! She inspired by you,to create individual pieces that reflect your personalities
and are perfectly suited to your colouring and style !  

This year she prepeared someting new and beautiful for her costumers
A wonderful warm felted 
Jackets,Coats and Tunics . 
Be rady for your cold snowy winter or for every seasone ! 
Be stylish be unique . :) 

Wanna get her handmade felted clothes for you or your loved ones ??
 Here you will find her website abour her how she started her carrier, jobs, collections , and online shop !


My prayers with you.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

London City

Just thinking how quick the time flies.. Already 1 year in London.
It feels just yet I was still living a teenager life with my family
in rainy Manchester. Night outs,friends, not worried about next day to wake up and go to work,to count every pound for ur own expenses , to do things diferent and be more responsible of urself and ur life . Missing those days to wake up by listening ur mum : "Food is ready" Just yet been spending my all summer in sunny Greece. Where all u have to do just to spend few hours by working and then time for u ,for the sun ,swim and don't care about nothing .
The only one problem how to wake up next morning without hangover ! :)
So now diferent life more responsible, more grown up, with more thoughts about life , learning new things that I never learned , do things that I never did because they always been done for me
So I guess time to celebrate 1 year in london at Frankies Sport Bar. (Chelsea FC) Glass of red wine and some pints for my Greek guys :)))

Belly dance !

               Good evening everyone ,

Hope you all had a fantastic Monday . For me it felt like rainy windy Sunday.
All I wanted just to say in my warm and cozy bed ..
Tried something new today ,to spend my free time and do something that I never done before,so I went in belly dancing class here in North London . It was such a great and enjoyable time, I did enjoy to dance and get to know some new music styles ,some new tradition some new movements ;) and of course to wake up my body and make my muscles stronger. ;)
For the first time it was really difficult for me I always thought belly dancing is easy dance,but it has loads of hard tehnics hard movements . But I did  enjoy a lot so I'm gonna visit this class often. Teacher is such a great dancer such a lovely personality and full of passion to what she's doing.

Find belly dancing classes here

So if your passion to dance and if u enjoying it go for it, or even to spend just your free time ,to
have some fun ,meet some people,or make ur muscles to wake up and make ur body more  
beautiful ,learn some nice movement for ur night out . Highly recommend!
Do something new find something what u enjoy!
Take care and see u soon .

Some great deals for your first lesson.
  Offer on the groupon
Agni belly dancing page :

First blog post !

                                             Hey guys ,

So I can say this is my first blog post ! 
Decided to do something new in my life to complete 
my free time with something that I like and enjoy.
Dont judge me with what I'm gonna write for you
And share with you.
Nobody is perfect !;) 

    Topics I will be writing about : 

- Inspirations
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