Delicious Tuesday

Perfect time of the week when it comes your day off ! On my free time, me and my boyfriend as usual went outside to eat,because we not bother to cook to be honest . We always love to try and tast differentt type of food .So we did try a new place.
Thai food. A simple, small , cute restaurant  B A O  (Soho,London)
Review : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5
We had a perfect 3 types of burgers ,for me they look like a burgers (but they call them BAO) they are smaller the usual burgers but they are so different and much taste and more helathy I guess haha;)
BAO we had :
Confit beef
Fried chicken
Lamb shoulder
Then we had :
Aubergine wonton
Pig blood cake ( which my boyfriend love it)
Aged beef rump (my favourite)
Fried chicken with hot sauce .
Ahh dont forget the sake !! ;) and perfect hot tea in this cold weather.
Delicious ! Worth waiting a queue because they are always busy so there is a always queue max 10min which I sayed is worth to wait .Excelent service , staff was friendly ,never had to wait for the food more then 5mins so fast . There is some other plates that I would try,so I guess I have to go back there soon for sure !:) Definitely recommend for a perfect meal if in London . ( BAO Soho)

Leave behind the demons of the past, and look forward,to a brand new start in 2016 !

New year is a way to share happiness,

and create smiles on each others face .

New year is here with old prayers
For you, for all, for the world

Peace and peace every where
No war, no fire, no fights
May this new year bring peace.
Happy New year everyone. 
Exciting,lucky,healthy,full of love,peace,
bright, delightful, 
energetic and extremely happy!
 All your dreams come true ,believe in yourself !