Would you like a hotdog?

We all know traditional food of England is Fish and Chips , but does someone know traditional food of Germany?!
 No idea ha ! Accept beer festival I know they do love beer hah !;)
And as I seen on internet they do love sausages too !
So few days ago me and my boyfriend went to town to try ice cream(gonna blog it soon), but unfortunately  the shop was closed so that made me very upset ha :(
We walked around in Embankment and we stop in hotdog place,and guess what it was a traditional German sausages! The place name :Herman ze german.
They where sooo delicious and this fries,oh ,not a fan of curry sauce,but it was delicious. You can choose your own toppings which it makes your hotdog more awesome !
We had with loads of  melted cheese (love cheese a lot), jalapenos,crispy onion,spicy mayonnaise.
Definitely best hotdogs that I tried in London .
So when you in London or around in Embankment definitely pop there in and enjoy it !