London City

Just thinking how quick the time flies.. Already 1 year in London.
It feels just yet I was still living a teenager life with my family
in rainy Manchester. Night outs,friends, not worried about next day to wake up and go to work,to count every pound for ur own expenses , to do things diferent and be more responsible of urself and ur life . Missing those days to wake up by listening ur mum : "Food is ready" Just yet been spending my all summer in sunny Greece. Where all u have to do just to spend few hours by working and then time for u ,for the sun ,swim and don't care about nothing .
The only one problem how to wake up next morning without hangover ! :)
So now diferent life more responsible, more grown up, with more thoughts about life , learning new things that I never learned , do things that I never did because they always been done for me
So I guess time to celebrate 1 year in london at Frankies Sport Bar. (Chelsea FC) Glass of red wine and some pints for my Greek guys :)))

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