Belly dance !

               Good evening everyone ,

Hope you all had a fantastic Monday . For me it felt like rainy windy Sunday.
All I wanted just to say in my warm and cozy bed ..
Tried something new today ,to spend my free time and do something that I never done before,so I went in belly dancing class here in North London . It was such a great and enjoyable time, I did enjoy to dance and get to know some new music styles ,some new tradition some new movements ;) and of course to wake up my body and make my muscles stronger. ;)
For the first time it was really difficult for me I always thought belly dancing is easy dance,but it has loads of hard tehnics hard movements . But I did  enjoy a lot so I'm gonna visit this class often. Teacher is such a great dancer such a lovely personality and full of passion to what she's doing.

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So if your passion to dance and if u enjoying it go for it, or even to spend just your free time ,to
have some fun ,meet some people,or make ur muscles to wake up and make ur body more  
beautiful ,learn some nice movement for ur night out . Highly recommend!
Do something new find something what u enjoy!
Take care and see u soon .

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